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1. Passive Optical LAN Structured Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions Get more Efficiency End-to-End solution by R&M simplifies planning, installation and operation. Reliability Ingenious fast-assembly and error-free handling for increased capability. Longevity Fiber is a future proof media providing value for 50+ years. Headquarters Reichle & De-Massari AG Binzstrasse 32 CH-8620 Wetzikon +41 (0)44 933 81 11 Splitter Insert Module The splitter insert module featuring easy mounting snap-in rivets is a pre-assembled plug n’ play solution. It typically is used in a PON topology whether for FTTH or POL applications. The direct patchable module can be mounted in the ODF PatchMODULE and CombiMODULE or in the Venus-POL-32/16 PRE, respectively SPL wall-mount housing. The inside mounted PLC splitter is having wavelength range from 1260 until 1650 nm. The use of low-bend fibers G657.A2 is somehow self-evident. 090.6653 Benefits • Easy plug n’ play installation • Safe network operation • Clear visibility and control • Ready to use Splitter Module «R&M: the right partner for connectivity that matters» The quality, performance and precision of the R&M systems will give you security and high availability for decades. With R&M‘s ingenious assembly technology, installing, extending and maintaining your infrastructure is a piece of cake. And what about customized solutions? R&M is happy to implement your ideas in exact accordance with your specifications to perfectly suit your application. We will also help you find the best solution for your parti - cular task. Benefit from the knowledge of our experts‘ long international experience. We will provide specialist advice on finding solutions and help you with the implementation. Whether customized or modular standard solutions, all R&M developments fully comply with the specifications in the standards because we have been pacemakers in connection and distribution technology for more than 45 years. Copper or FO technology, all R&M products are compatible with the transmission systems of both today and tomorrow. For more information and products, visit Features • Pre-assembled plug n’ play solution • Factory tested • 2:32 or 2:16 split ratio based on SC- PC • Simple mounting by snap-in rivet

2. 3 POL U-Box Ruggedized Patch Cord Introduction POL floor distributor «POL brings the LAN up to the speed of light.» Passive Optical LAN (POL) Structured Cabling is an investment for the future. On average, LAN cabling solutions remain in operation for decades. This means that requirements for future applications must be assessed and taken into account right from the initial planning phase onwards. R&M already has the right answer here. While POL can be used as a fiber to the desk solution, it differs from previously existing Ethernet based solutions. Using single mode fiber as a transmission media it offers unique advantages to multi-mode based systems, by theoretically unlimited bandwidth and hugely larger transmission distances. Therefore POL is the most future proof fiber to the work area network, eliminating for example the need for blow in technology since there is simply no conceivable reason why the used fiber infrastructure would have to be replaced or enlarged. With savings in both capital and operating expenditure, POL offers considerable reduced capital expenses in the total cost of ownership. An all-fiber POL installation can achieve cost savings of up to 30–50 percent in the passive infrastructure, depending on size, on the level of operational comfort and on the amount of redundancy in your LAN. A further advantage is that POL requires a smaller cabling infrastruc - ture footprint. It moves the access layer electronics toward the work area, so there is no need for centralized access switches within the floor distributor. Thus it eliminates the need for floor distributors, which in turn frees up floor space for additional working stations. • Cost savings on all areas • Thin cables, low weight, low fire load • Less equipment but having telco grade reliability • High bandwidth potential makes it future proof • Longevity U-Box 4210 CP-POL 1FO/4RJ-SPL The universal connection box (U-Box) designed for POL simply is used as a consolidation point. It basically supports two functions: terminating the fiber of the horizontal cabling and serving as a zone cabling distributor. This means that copper twisted pair cables lead from the U-Box to RJ45 outlets on the desk or on the wall. The ONT is mounted near or even on the U-Box, not directly accessible to the operator. Patch Cords from the ONT to the U-Box then activate the appropriate RJ45 connection. Thus the U-Box creates order and safety in the work area and is flexible enough to be moved if needed. Benefits • Easy and reliable installation • Creates order and safety • Short distances from ONT to workstations • Permanent installation of access links to workstation 090.7792 Venus FLA2-POL-32/16-SPL The floor distributor designed for POL is easy to install and its clearly presented quick- assembly technology makes every installers live comfortable. And planners will gain the certainty of being able to comply with the guidelines of structured cabling thus a complete solution from an experienced single source. Ruggedized SC-APC to SC-APC Patch Cord When ONT’s are placed into the office environment, hotel rooms or similar the connection cable to the user device might be exposed to rough environmental conditions. Therefore it is recommended using Ruggedized Patch Cords for this connection to keep the maintenance work on a low level. Features • Pre-assembled Pigtail simplifies installation • Up to 32 split and 5 direct connection ports • Overall and radius protected cable management Features • Both sides fitted with SC-APC 8° • Grade C/1 performance • Low-bend fiber G657.A2 • Micro coiled tube packed in a LSZH jacket material 030.5657 Benefits • Unique segmentation of vertical and horizontal cabling • Willful port activation • Clear visibility and control • Quick set-up • Easy installation Benefits • Protects link connections and investment • Reduces maintenance work • Serves with reliable optical connection quality • Ensures network availability in mechanically rough conditions 090.7786 2 Features • Two areas for incoming fiber and outgoing copper cables • Splice tray with fiber overlength management for incoming fiber cable • Up to 4 free equipable RJ45 connection ports • Integrated and simple ONT mounting support


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