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Klucz do wolności dla projektów okablowania: FM45 z R & M. Wtyk RJ45 do montażu w terenie rozszerza granice konwencjonalnych rozwiązań okablowania. Dzięki temu instalatorzy są elastyczni, szybcy i niezależni od ograniczeń. Mogą natychmiast reagować na życzenia klientów, zmiany planu i zaskakujące wyzwania na miejscu instalacji. Sześć różnych scenariuszy przedstawiono na kolejnych stronach. Standard zgodny z normą Cat. 5e i Cat. 6A można ustanowić w dowolnym miejscu bez użycia specjalnych narzędzi.

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1. FM45 Applications Six ideas for fast cabling Headquarters Reichle & De-Massari AG Binzstrasse 32 CH-8620 Wetzikon, Switzerland +41 (0)44 933 81 11

3. FM45 in use What the All-rounder can do for you Digital information systems Monitors everywhere. Today digital screens for advertising, information, animation or TV are on every street corner, in every building. They are hanging on ceilings or walls, they are in store windows, in shops and in lobbies. The monitors are often installed at a later date or their position changes frequently. Large walls of monitors require multiple data lines of different lengths. Nevertheless customers expect elegant installations without extra loops of cables. Depending on the requirements, the connections have to be shielded or protected from dust and moisture. To meet these diverse requirements: The installation technology must be adaptable and highly efficient. The cabling should be able to be terminated individually during installation on site. The field-mountable FM45 from R&M helps installers to always find the most elegant solution for connecting screens. Full performance to 10 GB Ethernet included so you are ready for applications such as HD-Base–T and 4k or 8k UHD. Neat and tidy In the classical cabling environment, one outlet each is required for power supply and network connection. By allowing to terminate the plug afterwards, the FM45 makes it possible to route cables inside narrow tubes and conduits. Overlengths are a thing of the past. This means everything is neat and tidy as well as being protected from unwanted access. Possible products for this use: Data Power R815651 R814567 030.5701 030.5702

8. Voice over IP Today virtually everything works over Internet Protocol (IP). Even the telephone. The digitalization of voice transmission (Voice over IP, VoIP) often requires the infrastructure in offices and apartments to be retrofitted. New twisted-pair copper cabling may be required when changing over from the historic switched (PSTN) to modern IP telephone technology. The two-wire infrastructure is obsolete. But a thicker eight-wire cable with connectors is hardly going to fit through the old, narrow conduits. So how are installers to overcome the challenge? The answer is quite simply field-terminable cabling. First a network cable is drawn into the existing tube or conduit. This is usually a straightforward task. In a few easy steps, the field-mountable FM45 connectors from R&M can be fitted to the cable ends and your new line has been created. Naturally the new cable also leads to the familiar location of a telephone set or a DECT base station. Small ducts A drill hole for a wall duct with an installation cable is around three times slimmer than a pre-terminated cable with a RJ45 plug. Possible products for this use: R815651 R803498 R320374, R321231 FM45 in use What the All-rounder can do for you 030.5706 030.5707

5. Solar panels Protecting the climate. Gaining energy from sunlight. An increasing number of companies are producing part of their power requirement with solar panels on the roof or in the great outdoors. But there is a lot of technology between the solar panels and the electricity network. Converters, measuring instruments and control units have to be connected over stable bus or data lines. This is the only way to regulate the energy flow. The systems have to work with absolutely no interruption for long periods both inside and outside buildings – and that includes the cabling too. Solar technology is a perfect area of application for the FM45. This is where the field-terminable RJ45 connector can really show its strengths. Tool-free termination reduces assembly to just a few easy steps. Industrial LAN grade IDC technology with corrosion-protected and vibration-resistant wire contact technology ensures long-lasting connections both inside and out. A sturdy, dust-tight and waterproof IP67 housing permanently protects the connections from the weather and accommodate large industrial cables. Protected against the elements Waterproof connectors and cable grommets in metal or plastic offer the necessary protection when used outside. Possible products for this use: R314686 R814568 R309588 FM45 in use What the All-rounder can do for you 030.5705

6. Home office A computer, a printer, an Internet connection. This used to be all many freelancers, home workers and small businesses needed to create a workplace. But now small office and home office applications are increasingly requiring a professional LAN. Because more devices have to be networked, more data transmitted. Routes and conduits for additional cabling are often simply not available. Customers and landlords are demanding pragmatic solutions instead of elaborate construction work. And behind the furniture there is not always the space for conventional network connections. Field-terminable cabling with the FM45 is lifting small offices into the era of modern data transmission. Tiny holes and slits in the walls are sufficient to install standard network cables without them being seen. In next to no time, FM45 connectors are assembled at the cable ends. And then you have the basis for a LAN infrastructure. When minimal installation depth is required, the Slim Line Version and the 90° angled cable exit do the trick. Space-saving Using angled connectors requires less distance to the wall and means furniture can be positioned more flexibly. Existing network outlets can be used instead of having to install new ones. Possible products for this use: R803498, P803499 FM45 in use What the All-rounder can do for you 030.5703 030.5704

4. Wireless LAN Wireless communication makes our everyday lives simpler. Everywhere you look there is a WLAN hotspot. These hotspots fulfill our desire to be permanently online. It does not matter, whether we are in the office, at home, in a café, hotel or at a station. But no WiFi antenna can do without a cable. Regardless of whether the access points are planned carefully in advance or at a later date. Regardless of whether they are located inside or out, or at remote places. Efficient WLAN antennas always need a wired connection to the local area network and to the power supply. With the FM45 professionals install the antenna connections at every required location. Just lay the cable, terminate the connector, and you have your direct connection for WLAN hotspots with data rates up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. If required, the LAN can even supply the antenna with electricity. The FM45 is an expert with Power over Ethernet. Additional components protect it both inside and out from dust, moisture, mechanical and electromagnetic load. POE capability In the classic model, a power supply unit has to be connected for every hotspot and the network connection supplied. With a PoE capable hotspot and an FM45 all you need is a cable. This makes installation simpler and reduces susceptibility to manipulation. Possible products for this use: R815651 R803498, R803499 R814567 Data Power R5106667 FM45 in use What the All-rounder can do for you 030.5708 030.5709

2. The key to freedom for your cabling projects: the FM45 from R&M. The field-mountable RJ45 plug is expanding the limits of conventional cabling solutions. It makes installers flexible, fast and independent from restrictions. They can react to customer wishes, changes of plan and surprising challenges on site immediately. Six different scenarios are presented on the following pages. Your local R&M contacts would be more than happy to provide further information. Standard-compliant Cat. 5e and Cat. 6A connections can be established anywhere without any special tools with the FM45. Practically all cables encountered in the field (stranded or solid wire, AWG22 through to AWG26, shielded or unshielded construction, cable diameters up to 10.5mm) can be terminated on the FM45 to form structured cabling elements or point to point connections. The FM45 family supports data transmission up to 10 GB and lots of other applications of twisted-pair copper cabling: Power over Ethernet, communication, multimedia and bus systems. Special housings for increased robustness and for protection in outdoor and heavy duty environments complement the range. «Termination just takes a minute.» 090.7542 090.7535 090.7438 FM45 – The All-Round RJ45 Connector! Practical Ideas for Your Cabling

7. Surveillance Our need for security is increasing. Controls on doors, gates, buildings and plots of land make those responsible feel good. Cameras help to monitor blind spots on premises. They often have to be installed subsequently at places that are difficult to access, which entails troublesome construction work. Similar challenges occur when a property is to be equipped with additional security systems, such as access control, electronic locking systems, digital sensors, card readers or networked smoke alarms. The R&M solution reduces the effort to a minimum. The cables required can be laid to all areas of the security system using inconspicuous drill holes. The field-mountable FM45 connectors connect the devices directly with the building master control technology or LAN. Weather- proof protective housing permits the use of connectors outside on facades and in the field. This is the perfect way to help generate security conveniently, discreetly and fast. Multi-purpose cabling possibilities When wiring surveillance cameras a copper cable can be laid directly for short distances; for long distances optical fiber is used and the optical signal is converted to an electrical one. Thanks to PoE, industrial cable capability and sturdy metal connectors, the FM45 can withstand any weather conditions. Possible products for this use: R320685 R320375, R320376 R320690/R320686 R814569 FM45 in use What the All-rounder can do for you 030.5710

9. Endless possibilities There is no limit to its possible uses. The field-mountable FM45 connector from R&M has all the characteristics of an all-rounder. In addition to the areas of use listed, the FM45 family is also suitable for:  Structured cabling for buildings  Building automation, sensors  Smart home applications  Multimedia and studio technology  Stage, show, concert and event installations  Bus cabling, automation, Industrial Ethernet  Bulkhead connections, switch links and hub links  Maintenance, repair, emergency solutions for data networks The use of the FM45 saves on complex planning and time-consuming preparatory work. You just need to provide the right amount of cable material and a sufficient number of connectors. And you are ready to get work started on site. Draw in the cable, connect the FM45. Finished. This is highly efficient, flexible, time-saving and inexpensive. 090.7430 FM45 in use What the All-rounder can do for you


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